Biggest forex twitter

biggest forex twitter

of finding news fast. PLTfx is a trading advisory and signal service that have been active for just under a decade and have developed a loyal group of followers and clients. @PeterLBrandt, followers: 187K, legendary classical chartist Peter L Brandt, author of the classic book. @JoelKruger Joel is a former currency strategist turned Forex trader and educator. @StockCats Followers:.7K Another entertaining feed with its tongue firmly in its cheek. On top of being a professional FX trader, he is also a former Olympic athlete, competing for the Canadian national team. For traders keen to learn about market fractals and correlations, Matts feed is a fascinating read and will deeply improve traders understanding of market fundamentals and price action drivers. Oh well, maybe one day His blog was one of the first FX blogs that I started following and it is always interesting to see what he is. Follow as many as you like and combine their knowledge with your own!

Theres always a bull market somewhere, he says, and @JimCramer is here to help you find. Twitter can be a great way to publicize your trading, connect with other traders and it can be one of the best sources of Forex trading informationespecially around news time.  Following traders on Twitter can be a fantastic way for new traders to learn about how professional traders approach the market as well as gleaning useful insights from the regular market commentary. @JarrattDavis Jarratt is a cool guy and I had the opportunity to chat with him for a bit when I interviewed him for the podcast. I hope it saves you hours of researching and gets your Twitter account started on the right foot. You will also get his secret meditation technique. He is one of the few educators who posts the results of all his trades inside his members area. One of the few analysts I recommend following.

Follow Forex Crunch here. Theres no messing around with 50pips. @ritholtz, followers: 121K, barry Ritholtz is a columnist, blogger, equities analyst, CIO of RitholtzWealth Management and guest commentator on Bloomberg Television. Hes written 13 books about trading and his Twitter feed is full of easy-to-understand advice for new forex Londres Heure de la session investors and traders. His tweets are always informative. @steve_hanke Followers:.5K Steve Hanke is professor of applied economics at Johns Hopkins University, a commodities and forex trader and sophisticated authority on all things financial. Whoever this person really is, it is a solid Twitter account and worth following. He posts many of his trades and is great to follow for the big daily market moves, mainly in equities. This is definitely one of the must follow twitter accounts to get a feel for how investment professionals think and act in the markets. If you have ever wondered how to trade the Gartley pattern, you should follow him to find out. @fxjoshwilson Josh is one of the Senior Traders at FxST.

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